Mini-Pupillage at Crucible.

At Crucible, we know how useful mini-pupillages can be to those who are pursuing a career at the Bar. Our tenants wish to improve access to the Bar and give opportunities for our mini-pupils to gain real, day to day experience of practice at the criminal

Outside of our own, separate, outreach programmes we invite applications for mini-pupillage from candidates aged 18 or over with a real interest in pursuing a career in our main practice areas, especially criminal law.

Our Mini-Pupillages

Our mini-pupillages usually take place within Greater London, but we may be able to accommodate other requests depending on our members’ diary commitments. Generally, mini-pupillages last for a full working week, but we can also offer shorter periods by prior arrangement.

Mini-pupillage at Crucible is not assessed, and plays no part in our decision to interview or recruit pupillage applicants. It is, however, a competitive process as we receive significantly more applications for mini-pupillage than slots available.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your current CV and a covering letter to

Your covering letter should set out why you want to undertake a mini-pupillage with us, your interest in our practice areas and your availability. Please also include any matters that we should know to treat your application more fairly, or to assist in accessibility.

Further information can be found in our pupillage policy, which can be found HERE.