Alexandra Monaghan and Libby Anderson secure suspended sentences for husband and wife defendants.

25 March 2022

Libby Anderson and Alexandra Monaghan, instructed by Advice Wise Solicitors, secured Suspended Sentence Orders for their clients.

Mr and Mrs X, husband and wife, pleaded guilty to several counts of benefit fraud, relating to several types of benefit including housing benefit and Job Seekers Allowance, fraudulently claimed over a period of 10 years. The total value of the fraud the housing benefit fraud alone was over £120,000. The case involved over 1,000 pages of evidence and complex procedural matters as a result of errors in the wording of the charges, and administrative errors in progression of the case through the courts.

Libby and Alexandra relied on their clients’ extensive mitigation, as well as challenging the Crown’s initial assessment of the sentencing guidelines, to obtain suspended sentences.

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