Alexandra Monaghan secures suspended sentence for GBH client.

03 February 2021

Alexandra Monaghan, instructed by Katy Olly of Gillen De Alwis, has secured a suspended sentence for an offence of GBH without intent, having successfully persuaded the Crown to offer no evidence to the original charge of GBH with intent.

The offence involved a single kick to the head, following a fight in a nightclub. The complainant suffered significant injuries, including permanent nerve damage.

Despite having arrested Alexandra’s client shortly after the incident, the Police did not charge him until 18 months later. Some 3 years passed between the offence and sentence, with no explanation from the Police as to the delay. Alexandra relied upon this unexplained delay in her submissions at sentencing, which was later cited by the Judge in passing sentence.

Alexandra has been instructed from the outset of this case, advising her client at every stage of proceedings. Careful preparation for sentence allowed Alexandra to offer the court an alternative to custody for her client, whilst still marking the seriousness of the offence. 

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