Briony Molyneux secures acquittal in armed robbery case.

09 April 2021

Briony Molyneux, instructed by Ossie Anodu of Malcolm and Co Solicitors, has secured an acquittal in a serious armed robbery and aggravated burglary trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court. Briony's client was acquitted following a successful submission of no case to answer at the close of the prosecution's case.

The case was a late instruction following a last minute transfer of legal aid. The Client had been told by his previous legal team to plead guilty.

The issue in the case was identification evidence and, somewhat unusually, voice comparison expert evidence as the incident was captured on the complainant's home security camera.

Briony was able to argue that identification evidence made by police officers was inadmissible and therefore excluded. Furthermore, following the cross examination of the Crown’s voice comparison expert, Briony was able to establish that his evidence was of too poor quality for the jury to rely upon it. The Judge agreed to direct the jury to disregard the expert evidence.

Following Briony's successful submission of no case to answer, the Client, who had been remanded in custody for nearly a year and half, was released to his family.

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