Justin Yang secures acquittal in Burmese kidnapping case.

03 August 2023

Justin was instructed to defend a Burmese client who was accused of breaking into the complainant’s house and kidnapping her by force. The complainant did not have any shoes on, and her phone was left behind at home. She later jumped out of the Defendant’s moving car near Heathrow airport, which led to police involvement.

At trial at Isleworth Crown Court, Justin challenged the provenance of the complainant’s statements in Burmese, as they were collected by police officers using Language Line from the hospital. His meticulous scrutiny of police procedure led to the jury being discharged for the Crown to make further inquiries. Justin lodged an abuse of process argument in relation to the Defendant’s inability to have a fair trial. After six attempts to cure the defects in this case, the Crown ultimately decided to offer no evidence against Justin’s client. The Defendant received a conditional discharge for the criminal damage to the complainant’s door. 

Justin was instructed by Jason Smith at IBB Law LLP.

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