Libby Anderson secures GBH acquittal at retrial.

14 September 2021

Mr N was charged with causing grievous bodily harm following a violent street brawl involving a group of students, in which a man’s jaw was broken. This incident took place in March 2018, when Mr N was only 17 years old. A first trial, in which Libby did not appear, took place in 2019, resulting in a hung jury. The subsequent retrial was delayed due to the pandemic and general lack of court availability.

One defendant had already pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, and the case was presented on a joint enterprise basis, the evidence being that at least two individuals had punched the victim to the same part of his face, resulting in the broken jaw. Mr N was said to be the second assailant. He had been identified using social media. Libby argued that the social media identification meant that the positive ID at a police identity parade some months later was tainted. Libby cross-examined three witnesses to elicit inconsistencies as to how the brawl unfolded, and inconsistencies in the descriptions of the assailant.

The jury deliberated for only 17 minutes before acquitting Libby’s client unanimously. Mr N, now aged 21, retains his good character and can finally put this nearly four-year process behind him

Libby was instructed by Denise Wilson-Osuide of ITN Solicitors.

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