Libby Anderson's client acquitted of fraud offence following trial.

24 January 2023

Libby represented a young man, who had no previous convictions for dishonesty, who was accused of an offence of possessing an article for use in fraud,. At trial, the defendant faced an allegation that he possessed  stolen bank details which had been sent by text to a mobile phone registered to him. The defendant’s brother had already pleaded guilty to supplying articles for use in fraud.

The prosecution case rested on attribution of the mobile phone said to belong to the defendant. Libby successfully undermined the cell site evidence which put the phone in the vicinity of the defendant’s home address over a prolonged period of time. She also examined the police interpretation of a number of text messages and argued that alternative explanations were available. Following the dismantling of the Crown’s case, the defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

Libby was instructed by Anna Ford of IBB solicitors.

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