Rosalia Myttas-Perris success in the Court of Appeal.

15 August 2022

Rosalia Myttas-Perris recently appeared in the Court of Appeal and was able to persuade the Court (including Lord Justice Edis, the Deputy Senior Presiding Judge) to reduce her client’s sentence from 27 months’ to 18 months’ custody. Rosalia’s client had pleaded guilty to offences of producing a drug of Class B (cannabis), possession of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious liquid/gas, and possession of cannabis.

The Judgment, which was published last week, concluded that: “Having listened carefully to Ms Myttas-Perris's skilful submissions we are persuaded this far: that in this case the judge erred and the sentence imposed was manifestly excessive” (§22).

Rosalia’s submissions focussed on the categorisation of the offence and was able to demonstrate that the offence was incorrectly placed toward the top of Category 3 in the guidelines. The Judges praised Rosalia’s advocacy, stating that they were “much assisted by her oral submissions as well as her very clear grounds of appeal” (§4).

The judgment can be found HERE.

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