Internal Investigations.

From time to time, even companies with the most robust internal procedures need to open internal investigations. These may arise for any number of reasons – reports from external third parties, a whistle blower, an internal disclosure or as port of normal internal reporting and auditing. What matters is that, once an organisation suspects that something has (or may have) gone wrong they have the ability to swing into action and conduct thorough, detailed investigations.

Internal investigations allow organisations to react to any allegations or suspicions, and help to establish the facts and decide what the most appropriate response would be. Every investigation is different and must examine the issues and risks independently. Investigations may lead to internal disciplinary processes, employment issues, criminal or regulatory reports, and even self-reporting.

Crucible’s members are able to advise you from the earliest moments of any investigation right through interviews, document review and report writing. And, should an internal investigation develop into an external investigation, our regulatory and criminal expertise means that we are able to look after you and your interests at every stage.

If you or your company need to discuss an internal investigation with an expert please call us right away.