Insider Trading.

Insider trading is a form of financial crime. It describes the process of using a regulated market or broker to trade in a public company’s stock or other securities by someone who has non-public, price-sensitive information about that stock, however obtained.

Insider trading is illegal because trading on private information gives the trader an unfair advantage. Possible exceptions are where the individual was not expecting to make a profit from the information, where they believed the information was widely known, or where they would have made the trade even without access to the private information.

Crucible’s financial crime team has vast experience defending cases of insider trading. If you have been contacted by the police in relation to an insider trading matter, or you are concerned about matters involving insider trading, then you should seek legal representation as this offence can carry heavy financial penalties or even a prison sentence.

Whether funded privately or with legal aid, Crucible’s expert counsel can be of assistance in your hour of need. Please call us right away if you or your company are under investigation.

A number of Crucible's barristers are able to accept instructions by Direct Access, where appropriate.