Drug Driving.

At Crucible, our drug driving barristers know that these cases can lead to life changing consequences. If you are arrested for driving or being in charge of a vehicle whilst being unfit or over the legal limit for drugs (which is very, very low) you need to find expert lawyers to represent you right away.

We know that ordinary, decent people can make a mistake and find themselves in serious trouble. These people rely upon their driving license in order to work, support loved ones and carry out essential caring responsibilities.

Punishments and penalties flowing from driving whilst unfit or over the limit for drugs can be severe. You can face disqualification from driving (a driving ban), heavy fines, community orders and even prison sentences. The evidence and procedure involved in the investigation of such cases can be technical and difficult to understand without expert legal assistance.

If you are facing an investigation or prosecution Crucible can offer you what you need: sympathetic, robust and effective representation. Our barristers can advise you throughout every stage of the process, from charge, through plea, tril and (if necessary) sentence.

Many of our members are able to accept instructions from the general public under the direct access scheme, without having to go to a solicitor first (or if necessary advise you about high quality driving solicitors in your area).