Motoring Offences.

Every day, up and down the country, millions of people rely on their ability to drive to get to work, do their shopping, see friends look after their children, and provide care to relatives. And yet, as we see all too often in the news, all too often things can go wrong. At Crucible we know that conscientious, safe drivers sometimes make mistakes; and often drivers are blamed for incidents that really are not their fault.

Despite appearing in every aspect of our lives, motoring law is a surprisingly complex area of criminal law. We recognise that convictions for road traffic offences can have life changing consequences, whether they be low level ‘totting’ offences that may lead to disqualification from driving, through to cases before the Crown Court following accidents resulting in serious injury or death.

If you have been contacted by the police in relation to a motoring offence, be it be speeding, causing death by dangerous driving, or anything in between, we are able to offer expert guidance and representation.

Many of our members are able to accept instructions from the general public under the direct access scheme, without having to go to a solicitor first (or if necessary advise you about high quality driving solicitors in your area).